Break the Cycle Terms and Conditions

Your participation in and our provision of the Break the Cycle event (“Event”) is subject to: (i) specific written details of the Event  (“Event Details”); and (ii) these terms and conditions.


  • You agree to make payment for the Event in accordance with the Event Details or as otherwise agreed between the parties.
  • The agreement relating to this Event is between Comms for Good and the party paying for your attendance at the Event.

Booking and Cancellation 

  • You understand that you are required to pay the relevant entry fee to secure your place at the Event.  The entry fee contributes towards the cost of the bikes, distance tracking, and event administration.  Any remaining registration fee funds after these costs have been covered will be donated to our charity partners.
  • In the event of your team withdrawing from the competition within 30 days of the Event, please note we may not be able to offer a full refund if we have already incurred costs.
  • In the event of your team withdrawing from the competition while the event is in progress, please note we will not be to offer a refund.
  • Except for the payment of a full refund to you in the event that the Event is cancelled for any reason, Comms for Good will not have any liability to you whatsoever for loss or expenses incurred in connection with the Event or any cancellation of the Event, including, without limitation, costs of any personal travel, accommodation or hospitality arrangements made relating to the Event or the cancellation of the Event.

Responsibility for Damage and Behaviour

  • You agree to act responsibly and sensibly at the Event and to respect the property of Comms for Good and any of our sub-contractors. If you purposefully cause any damage to the property of Comms for Good, another guest or the venue you understand you will be responsible to replace items or make good the damage caused and/or indemnify Comms for Good for any loss, costs or expenses incurred.

Intellectual property/Data Protection

  • You understand and consent to the fact that photographs, film footage may be taken of you and others during the event and these may be used in Comms for Good publicity materials in advertising, marketing, online and print and general communications.
  • We will contact you by telephone and/or email with reference to your booking. We will keep you up to date about the event via regular emails and/or by phone. Occasionally we may write to you.


  • The relevant legal agreement relating to the Event comprises (i) the Event Details (if any) and (ii) these Terms and Conditions. This Agreement can only be varied by the parties in writing.  Any failure or delay by either party to take legal action against the other shall not constitute a waiver of its legal rights.

Governing Law/Jurisdiction

  • The parties agree that all matters arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and/or the Event shall be governed by English law and the parties agree to the English courts having exclusive jurisdiction to hear all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and/or the Event.
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